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Below you will find the links to view Christian Recovery Center’s most recent internal and external newsletters as well as large scale publications. The goal is to keep our readers up to date and engaged with what goes on inside the ministry of Christian Recovery Centers. Inside these communicative letters you might find information about upcoming or past events, important announcements, messages from leadership, boundless stories and testimonies that you care about, a funny story or two, and much more!

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Fall Newsletter

September 2023 

Packed with the latest updates, this month’s newsletter brings you glimpses into our brand-new men’s campus, inspiring testimonies that showcase the impact we are making together. This edition extends a special invitation to our highly anticipated annual gala, a winter wonderland event where we celebrate achievements, forge connections, and rally support for our cause.

Brunswick Beacon

September 2023 

Our men’s campus in Shallotte has caught the attention of journalist Savanna Tenenoff, earning us a feature on the front page of the Brunswick Beacon Newspaper this month. Tenenoff captures the essence of our Phase 4 Reentry program that will “let individuals take back their life with the support and security of CRCI and …. have structure over their schedule while still attending church, therapy, work and other mandatory activities.” 


August 2023 

Welcome to the August edition of our Internal Newsletter! We are excited to share inspiring stories of transformation, updates on our Shallotte campus, recognize outstanding team members, and highlight the invaluable contributions of our Thrift Store volunteers. We also delve into the importance of our Phase 4 Re-Entry Program, and a heartfelt mother’s testimony about her journey to get her son into rehab.


July 2023 

Christian Recovery’s first edition of The Apollos – CRCI’s Internal Newsletter. This newsletter is tailored for residents participating in our Leadership Development Initiative (LDI’s), employees, volunteers, and those who are laboring together with God for Christian Recovery Centers. We are excited about this new addition! Hit the button below to read more!


July 2023 

We are honored to be featured in Brunswick Electric’s Carolina Country Magazine. The button below will take you to the digital version of the article that features Christian Recovery. On page 11 it talks all about the tools we provide to help with long-term addiction recovery.

Recovery to Recovered

Summer 2023

In this edition of Christian Recovery Center’s quarterly external newsletter you’ll find a message from our CEO, results from the 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, testimonies, information about the You Can Project, and more!

The Awakening

Spring 2023

In this edition you’ll find the announcement of Christian Recovery’s Thrift Store Grand Opening event, unique ways YOU can partner with us, the results of the Rose House Grand Opening event, and an inspirational message from our CEO!

The Awakening

Winter 2022

Inside this end-of-the-year edition we announce the Grand Opening Event for the highly anticipated Rose House, Volunteer and Employee of the Year winners, information about #CookingForChrist food truck, and the turnout of our 4th Annual Christmas Gala! Thanks for reading!

More Literature

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So go ahead, explore our literature, and download the PDFs that resonate with you. If you decide to print them or email them, we hope they become valuable references that inspire and assist you in your endeavors.

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