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Rose House Grand Opening Coming soon!

The Rose House is a 28-bed residential facility, nonprofit Treatment Center specializing in helping those voluntarily seeking assistance for a substance abuse issue. Faith based in its roots and holistic with its approach, CRCI provides at no cost some of the only programs in the Carolinas offering a faith based 12-step curriculum with professional therapy services. With many traditional education opportunities and a robust workforce redevelopment program, CRCI can assist its residents in experiencing a sustainable approach to their recovery process. The goal is that every resident would be able to use CRCI as a springboard experience into their new successful life.

Join In The Fight Against Substance Abuse!

Give a gift of any size or join in the fight against substance use! Help take back the ones we lost to substance abuse with recurring giving. With many ways to give you can make a difference in the lives of those receiving substance abuse treatment. From professional therapy services, intern education, increased career path training opportunities, workforce development programs, and more residents can have a greater chance of BEATING addiction than ever before.    

Christian Recovery is Hiring!

Would you like to work in one of the most faith-driven, altruistic environments around? CRCI is always accepting applications for internships and other positions, based on your interest and prior work or recovery experience.

Professional Education 

CRCI offers a career development program to interns and staff who are interested in pursuing a career in substance abuse treatment. We currently have staff that has achieved Peer Support Specialist Certification, Bachelor and Associate degrees in psychology and counseling, and several staff members are pursuing a career as Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors (formerly known as CSAC).


Intern for the Rose House Women’s Campus

Christian Recovery Centers Inc. is accepting applications! Intern staff positions are currently available to applicants pursuing their own recovery and for future graduates of the Rose House 6 month program. If you would like to be a part of this exciting new expansion please call us at (910) 287-4357, click HERE to be taken to the online employment application. We especially encourage recovery program graduates to explore the possibility of signing up for an internship if they are seeking a career in substance abuse treatment.

The Beginning is Here!

The construction of the Rose House is officially back on track! The conversion to a recovery facility and expansion we were working on before the COVID-19 shutdowns were put on hold for nearly all of the year 2020 and 2021, but we are back in action and ready to finally implement the full program at the beautiful Rose House property! The project is projected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022! We are extremely grateful to have been presented with a wonderful woman of God, Monique Holenko, as the new director of the Rose House program to lead these women into their new way of living… in faith! We are currently still operating the Rose House program out of our Columbus County campus on a smaller scale, and we thank you for all of your support. We could never have made it through the year 2020 and 2021 without the support of our community and God’s blessing. Partner with us in prayer to have this massive project completed so that we can begin taking in all of the women on the waiting list who are eager to begin a new life!