Workforce Redevelopment Program (WRP)

Christian Recovery has initiated a Workforce Redevelopment Program (WRP). The purpose of the WRP is to better assist each resident in the search of meaningful employment after satisfactorily completing the recovery curriculum.

It is the goal of Christian Recovery to produce opportunities in the residential recovery setting that will translate into lived experience, training hours and resume items for future employment.

The Workforce Redevelopment Program (WRP) works with 3 primary trade service industries.

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  •     CLEANING     


Christian Recovery Landscaping Services is a training ground for professionalism. We are happy to say that we have leaders training men daily to introduce new skills into their lives. Graduates and residents of Christian Recovery Centers who have shown a desire to improve themselves are brought into the landscaping trade to begin shaping their futures. We want to help with the addiction epidemic that our country is facing, and we have found that one of the best ways to do this is to introduce skill set training.



Our leaders are constantly working with men and women to instruct them on the proper method of cleaning and sanitizing so that they can retain skills to build upon in their new lives. The leaders at Christian Recovery have many years of experience in managing routine maintenance cleaning and assisting others in rebuilding their lives after they have begun to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Our leaders know that removing drugs and alcohol from a person has value, but teaching them to build a new life based on faith in God and becoming gainfully employed fulfills a purpose that each person seeks.


Admin Assistance

The admin assistance and leadership excellence direction will help prepare residents (and their resume) for total success. We provide a Christian-oriented professional atmosphere with high expectations, and we have seen many people turn their lives around completely!