Please join us for The Rose House’s luminary event, “Lighting the Way.” Join us in honoring those affected by addiction, including those currently struggling, those lost to addiction, and those on the path to recovery. Together, we will create a lasting tribute, connecting the memories of these precious souls to the Rose House—a beacon of hope, healing, and restoration, illuminated by the unwavering love of God.

Here’s how you can take part: hit the “Purchase a Bag” button and secure a specially designed bag for just $20. Each bag represents a life touched by addiction. Personalize it by writing the name of a person you know who is battling addiction, lost to addiction, or bravely walking the path of recovery. As dusk settles on the event day, we will gather in unity, breaking glow sticks and placing one in every bag.

The event will take place at 520 Mulberry St. in Shallotte. For those unable to attend in person, the magical moment will be livestreamed on Facebook, allowing people from all corners of the globe to bear witness to this heartfelt display.

Lighting the Way Event

Save the date and join us for an evening of significance: the evening of November 11th

520 Mulberry St. Shallotte, or via Facebook Live.