Pastoral Care

Residents at Christian Recovery Center have the opportunity to spend time in prayer and meditation every day. They also have the opportunity to hear sermons many times each week, learn the bible in a small group setting, and study the bible individually. Christian Recovery's spiritual leaders have a heart for those devastated by the illness of addiction. They believe that understanding the power of God's grace, mercy, and love are an integral part of the recovery process; that forgiving, being forgiven, having a humble heart, and thanking God for His many blessings are key ingredients for a successful long-term recovery.

Every resident can take advantage of the one-on-one Pastoral Counseling that Christian Recovery offers. We have many on-site leaders in recovery theory that can offer their experience and advice when needed, but we're hoping to help residents cover more ground in their journey by offering many different perspectives in their pursuit of knowledge and growth. We believe the Holy Spirit dwells on our campus and positively influences us all. In addition, we know the active prayer life of residents plays a crucial and ongoing role in their recovery.