Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)

The Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is a program designed by Christian Recovery to provide a direct path forward for exceptional residents who wish to begin a career in the field of Addiction Recovery. This program is a 1-year commitment that residents may apply for once they have successfully completed the first three phases of the inpatient recovery program. LDI participants will be provided in-depth training in the exact services that have assisted them as residents, and they will learn how to facilitate this type of intensive recovery environment as they move forward as leaders. Educational opportunities and professional certifications will be provided to each LDI participant at no cost through our partnerships with Brunswick Community College, Brunswick Literacy Council, and Peer Recovery Resources. Any person who completes this advanced training program will have the opportunity to apply for a full time staff position at Christian Recovery Centers Inc. to practically apply their experience and education as a legitimate professional.

How You Can Help

The Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is an important part of Christian Recovery. It not only serves the individual receiving the initiative, but it also provides the men and women who enter the recovery program with a role model and leader that they can connect with through their shared battle of addiction. The program provides a path of hope and encouragement for all.

A recurring monthly donation enables you to plan ahead and guarantee the continuation of this program. Your support means supplying daily needs in residential environment, funding personal goals and educational advancement opportunities. For example, all LDI's have the opportunity to go through training to be a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). CADC career paths are geared towards individuals who have dealt with addiction personally so that they may use their personal experiences and training to help counsel others working through addiction. Join in the fight against substance abuse and help us continue to provide top of the line resources to leaders of the Leadership Development Initiative. We would be grateful for your support. Simply follow this link and you’ll have the option to give any amount.