Requirements & Information 



  • Residents must be personally willing to enter the program and participate in all events and activities. Even court ordered participants must willingly comply with all program guidelines (CRCI does not operate lock & key facilities and participants may discharge themselves at any time). Residents who do not wish to actively participate in program activities will be dismissed from the program. This is to prevent all residents from being affected by an environment of negativity.

  • Residents must be in good physical health (can sit, stand, and walk without assistance). CRCI does not operate any medical facilities and does not employ a medical staff to accommodate these specific needs.

  • Contact is limited to immediate family for the entire duration of stay. The approved contacts include a resident's sibling, spouse, parent, or child.

  • Male residents must be willing to shave their face and trim their hair to a suitable length, as determined by staff.
  • Residents must be free to travel across state lines without restriction. Parole/Probation officers are usually willing to work with us and provide travel permits to residents who are in our car, although this must be verified before acceptance.

  • No mood or mind-altering substances are allowed to be taken by residents in any CRCI program. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, pain killers, sleep aids, certain antihistamine allergy medicines, melatonin, nicotine, etc.

  • Due to zoning limitations we are not permitted to accept convicted sex offenders or convicted sexual predators.

  • CRCI offers all services on nicotine free, drug free, and alcohol free campuses. Residents testing positive for nicotine, any illicit substance, or alcohol at any time after admission may be subject to immediate dismissal from the program.



The House of our Father in Heaven is a house of order. It is with this philosophy that the staff at CRCI operate on a daily basis. We do this to help those that are lost, addicted and yearning for a new life that is clean and free of the drugs that have permeated their very being.

As an addiction recovery center, it is our responsibility to provide an environment conducive to having the Spirit of God among each staff member who lives and works at our facility. We strive to maintain order while at the same time educate, heal and enable the residents to use their God-given personal power to become drug free and clean.

We have several PDF documents that you may want to download and read over. To view the PDF document, simply click one of the links below and you will be taken to the viewing page: