The Rose Women's Campus

What is the Rose Women's Campus?

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center is now raising money to purchase a beautiful property near Sunset Beach, NC to open a MUCH needed campus for Women who are seeking assistance with a substance abuse issue. We are very excited to expand our ministry to help women in Brunswick County find the solution that so many have been seeking. Quality care is just around the corner, all we have to do is provide the means to purchase the property. If you would like to be a part of this exciting new expansion please call us at (910)287-4357 or click on the link below to donate to the campaign!

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About Brunswick Christian Recovery Center 

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center is a non-profit, faith-based ministry serving those suffering from active addiction. We are not a traditional short-term rehabilitation facility. We offer an extended program of directed activities that stretch from remedial or supplemental education of the individual all the way to daily application of newly learned skills.

This is a proven program of recovery that absolutely works for anyone willing to adopt it. The residents not only study the spiritual principles that foster sobriety, but with the help of a 12-step program, begin to build a bright new future by working to erase the wreckage of their past.