5th Annual CRCI Charity Golf Tournament

Thank you Thistle Golf Club for hosting the Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Thistle Club House in Sunset Beach, NC

Video Overview of Thistle Golf Club. Click to Play.

Thistle Golf Club, Sunset Beach NC

July 2nd, 2022

This year’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament is one of two major fundraising events for Christian Recovery. This annual tournament is a chance to bring together golfers and some of the biggest supporters the CRCI ministry has. This event is for a mighty cause – fighting the war on drugs and raising funds to support a nonprofit rehabilitation center. And, as a bonus the event is located at Brunswick County’s most favorable golf courses – Thistle Golf Club in Sunset Beach. 

More details to come!

Photo of CRCI Board Chairman Rocky Atkinson and CRCI CEO Josh Torbich, June 2021

Katie Cooke Photography

Photo of CRCI staff members Jason Crist and Todd Diesler, June 2022

Katie Cooke Photography

Katie Cooke Photography

Katie Cooke Photography