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At BCRC we have had the opportunity and privilege of serving those in our community and throughout the southeast. We have been to carnivals, NASCAR races, amusement parks, golf tournaments and many other events bringing our message of servant leadership, hope and love to all we encounter. Below you will see some photos of places we have been and things that we have done. We do this because we love it and we feel compelled to serve. Not to mention we have fun while serving! We believe that we are not to just here to help remove the drugs and alcohol from the lives of these men, but to replace misery with joy! 

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Just a quick look at the rebuilt fellowship hall! The guys in 2019 really did an awesome job remodeling this entire building and installing a full kitchen. Residents and visitors from past years won't even recognize this room!

One of our Senior Resident, Nathan, confidently delivers his personal testimony before an entire congregation of a church BCRC visited on 8/4/19. We are so proud of the progress Nathan has made and we absolutely look forward to seeing what his future holds!

Chairman of the Board, Rocky Atkison, overlooking a scene of nearly 200 golfers preparing for the start of the BCRC Annual Charity Golf Tournament on July 13th, 2019.

Shallotte Christmas Parade 2018. These guys worked hard putting that float together in just three days! 

The BCRC guys with Ronnie Netterfield on Thanksgiving day in Land O' Lakes, Florida. Thank you Ronnie for inviting us to your home for Thanksgiving dinner!

Austin holding the ceremonial plow during his graduation 

George giving his testimony in Florida City

Anothony deep in thought on Thanksgiving 2018

One time we went camping for 10 days in Florida!

Ridge feeling like a champion on clean-up day in Flordida

The BCRC Tripod! Success lives here.

Fundraiser trip to the College Football Championship game

Having a good time on Thanksgiving 2018

2018 Shallotte Crop Walk

Early 2018 

Pastor John Chase preaches to the BCRC guys every Friday 

Chris during his graduation in 2017

The original BCRC Campus

Josh preaching at a local church in Brunswick County

The newest addition to BCRC: The Ray Campus

Thanksgiving 2017. Andrew's Chapel hosts an annual Thanksgiving meal for the BCRC guys and all of the guys from nearby transitional houses. Thank you!