FAQs (and answers!)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1.  What is CRCI?

Christian Recovery Centers Inc. is a non-profit, Faith-based ministry serving those suffering from active addiction. We are not a traditional short-term rehabilitation facility. We work a 12-Step program taken from the Life Recovery Bible and Workbook all the while providing an environment conducive to recovery. This is a proven program that works absolutely for anyone willing to adopt it. Our primary purpose is to provide each resident with the spiritual and educational tools necessary for a long-term recovery from the illness of addiction and the beginning of a successful life. In addition, CRCI’s aim is to help guide each resident into a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ by presenting them with a clear biblical understanding of spiritual principals.

2.   How long is the program?

The men’s program is 18-30 weeks long while the women’s program is 24 weeks long.

3. What does the program consist of?

The CRCI program consists of 4 phases. First is the Motivational Track which can last 2-4 weeks. Residents in the Motivational Track phase will participate in a schedule that is slightly less rigorous than the main program. Following the motivational track our aim is to provide a structured environment for spiritual growth in Phase I. After completion of Phase I, each resident will be reviewed by staff and senior residents. The areas of review will include spiritual growth, personal responsibility, compliance with rules and regulations, trust, willingness, and active recovery. These areas will be addressed to determine where additional improvement is needed and to determine if the resident will be approved to move into Phase II. During Phase III each resident will have an opportunity to spend more time growing as a leader and developing their exit strategy to encourage a heightened sense of confidence in their recovery.

4. Do we attend AA or NA?

CRCI does not attend off-campus AA or NA meetings, but recommends that each graduate does find a recovery home group. This includes Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and any positive recovery setting for staying involved with other members of the recovery community who are acting to further their faith and sobriety.

5. What denomination are we affiliated with?

CRCI takes a biblical stance on all items and does not teach or engage in doctrinal viewpoints. We are a non-denominational Christian organization.

6. What does the program cost?

CRCI offers a 18-30 week residential recovery program that is free of charge to all residents, regardless of financial background. Our residents will attend fundraiser trips during the program (approx. one trip every month) that will pay for the cost of future residents to attend. 

7. Are we a detox/medical facility?

CRCI is not a medical facility and does not employ a medical staff. We do not offer detox services. Each resident, upon arrival, is expected to have completed a detox program and be able to pass a drug and alcohol screening.

8. What are the staff’s qualifications?

Each staff member has been carefully chosen from within the CRCI program. The qualifications include recovery from an addiction, completion of the 12 Step program, as well as personal and professional on the job training by a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist.

9. How many residents does the facility hold? 

Our current capacity for the men’s program is limited to 30 residents while the women’s program can accommodate 10 residents.

10. What should I bring?

For a full list of items to bring and a list of items not to bring, click this link.

11. What items are prohibited?

For a full list of items that are prohibited on the BCRC campus, click this link and scroll to the bottom.

12. Do I need money in the program?

CRCI residents are not required to have personal money while in the program as all of their personal and hygiene needs are met through donations from local businesses. If a resident arrives with personal money it will be kept in a safe during their stay. They will be allowed to have $10 per week, which will be distributed to them on the day that we go to the store.

13. What are the contact visit policies?

Residents are allowed to have one family visitation day while in the program after they have been accepted into Phase III of the CRCI program. For more details on visitation policy, visit the link below.

14. Do you assist with aftercare?

CRCI provides an aftercare environment for those who were selected for the eight month internship program. We have a strong relationship with numerous local transitional houses (from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach) that we recommend every resident consider applying to upon graduation.

15. How do residents apply?

Application to the program is simple. Visit the link below or call our Admissions Office at


Apply Here:


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