27 & 28


No Quota on Miracles – A Drama on Substance Abuse Prevention

Step into Brunswick Little Theatre this October, as we commemorate National Substance Abuse Prevention Month with the co-sponsored event, “No Quota on Miracles”. This compelling drama, penned by local talent Debbie Wood, explores the heartbreaking journey from a harmless prescription to full-blown addiction.

“Witness a moving drama illustrating the tragic road to addiction. Join us at Brunswick Little Theatre. Book your tickets now!”

“No Quota on Miracles” brings to life the story of a lively teenager who, following a sports injury, is prescribed painkillers. What starts as a medical necessity quickly spirals into a battle with addiction, impacting not just the teenager, but their family and friends as well.

Join us on October 27th and 28th at 7 pm, as we shed light on the very real and prevalent issue of substance abuse. Our aim is to educate, engage, and evoke a sense of understanding about the importance of substance abuse prevention.

This event is proudly co-sponsored by Brunswick Little Theatre, Brunswick Wellness Coalition, Brunswick County Substance Use and Disorder Commission, Superior Court Judge Jason Disbrow, and Christian Recovery Centers, Inc. Book your tickets for $25.