As residents make their way through the 4 phases of Christian Recovery Centers inpatient recovery program, they'll experience hands-on vocational training with either the landscaping or cleaning social enterprise. Throughout their stay we prime the residents by preparing them for the full-time work they'll be experiencing post-graduation. Our goal is to show them they will have time for employment while maintaining active participation in recovery-based interests.

The Christian Recovery process has been designed to replicate the application of a healthy recovery experience with real-world examples. When residents complete the entire portion of the inpatient residential program, they may be provided with an opportunity to extend their stay further by entering our Phase 4 Re-Entry Program. Phase 4 will offer multiple opportunities, and participants will have the ability to choose a trade pathway as a Social Enterprise Technician.

All profits from our Social Enterprises go directly to support the Christian Recovery mission and the men and women it serves. We hope you choose us for your cleaning needs because

"The Difference is in the Outcome!"

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