During & After Care

The BCRC men celebrating a successful cleanup after volunteering to help our community impacted by a tornado


Residents enrolled in a CRCI program will have the chance to seek and follow through on many opportunities that may have otherwise been unavailable to them. CRCI is currently offering several educational and professional redevelopment programs to help residents exceed beyond their most basic expectation of "getting clean." We are offering a GED achievement program in partnership with the Brunswick Literacy Council, where residents may graduate with a full GED. We are also partnering with Brunswick Community College to provide college-level certification courses for various types of professional and trade skills.

Beyond education, CRCI has initiated a Workforce Redevelopment Program. The purpose of the Workforce Redevelopment Program (WRP) is to better assist each resident in the search of meaningful employment after satisfactorily completing the treatment curriculum. It is the goal of CRCI to produce opportunities in the residential treatment setting that will translate into lived experience, training hours and resume items for future employment. These opportunities will help to alleviate the unattractive gap that recovery participants incur from their months in residential treatment. This process will also provide certain residents recommendation letters from their immediate supervisors that can be utilized in the next employment opportunity.

The Workforce Redevelopment Program (WRP) works with 4 primary trade service industries.

  1. Catering
  2. Landscaping & Pressure Washing
  3. Commercial Cleaning
  4. Administration Assistance & Leadership Excellence


Like many Recovery Centers, after successful completion of the program, the opportunity to participate in CRCI’s Internship program may be available for select individuals. Interns continue to learn and grow in their relationship with Christ, and they continue to work the 12 steps with a sponsor. During this time, interns engage with residents as they offer guidance and experience while on the road to their own personal recovery.

The goal of the internship program is to enable residents who have excelled in the CRCI program (and in their spiritual growth) to remain as a part of the ministry. This position will enable them to give back to the program and to give other residents what they have freely received. They will help lead other residents to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and mentor to the newer residents in their journey to find peace, hope, and joy through a closer relationship with an almighty God. 

During the internship program CRCI strives to give back to interns as much as resources will allow. At no cost CRCI offers additional educational opportunities including CPSS (Certified Peer Support Specialist) curriculum and CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) curriculum. After successfully completing a course, interns are allowed the opportunity to complete their required training hours internally. It is also CRCI’s mission to help interns meet their financial and legal responsibilities by giving them a salary or other financial aid, and by helping them secure their driver’s license if applicable. CRCI wants to ease the pressure of each intern’s past while they are in the process of building their new future.

Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)

Purpose: The purpose of the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is to create advanced training opportunities for residents who wish to pursue employment and educational opportunities with CRCI. Additionally, the goal of this program is that upon completion of the LDI, whether the resident continues into a full-time staff position or moves on to other employment, everyone will have benefited greatly through the time and effort spent actively working in their own personal recovery as well as supporting the recovery efforts of other residents. This will benefit each participating individual in the short and long term, so that their life continues to improve through dedication and continued development of many positive character attributes.

Process: When residents enter Phase 3 of a CRCI program, that is when they may be considered for placement in this training program in the position of L1. Once residents have expressed an interest in joining the LDI during the initial meeting or have any intention in having a career in the field of Addiction Recovery, they will be scheduled for a follow-up meeting with a staff member who will help them further identify their level of interest. This staff member will then decide if the resident is ready to join the LDI, whether they need a second follow-up meeting, or if they will not be a good fit for extended time in the CRCI program. If the resident is approved to enter the LDI, they will need to fill out an application for this position so that they can be assigned to a department best suited to their skills, potential, interest, or any combination thereof. Notably residents who qualify for LDI before their phase 3 date may be promoted to phase 3 early based on their performance.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

-Matthew 11:28